I keep thinking about Eric LeGrand and how much I wish I didn’t turn on espn3 RIGHT as the play began where he would next be seen lying on the field motionless for seven minutes. I don’t know you, I barely know what you look like but LeGrand needs to know how much he means to our community - he is a fighter, a saint, and an angel disguised as one of the best defensive linemen’s possible. He may not be in the NFL but lord knows that if you ever want anyone on the team - it’s him. Schiano even said “if you have a team full of legrand’s, you can’t lose.”


Autism Awareness

Autism is one of the most common set backs found in children. Some have it bad, some you can barely tell. It is something we may be able to prevent but we just do not know how. Today is the Autism Awareness walk in my town and it may be the most important cause I fund raise for. Not that any other disease/problem is less important but this one just hits home…image

Day 1.

01. Are you in a relationship right now? If so, tell us about your other half. If not, share with us why you feel you’re single.

Yes, I am in a relationship right now. We’ve been together for two years, yes without breaking up in the middle or taking breaks. He can actually be considered my high school sweetheart. Even though he ignored me for two years :]. We started talking when we started walking home together at the end of my junior, his sophomore, year. I saw him at the end of that summer and ever since then we’ve been together <3

Twenty Day Challenge

I figured in order to get my number of posts up, I could do a tumblr challenge. 20 day challenge about love. Starting today.

01. Are you in a relationship right now? If so, tell us about your other half. If not, share with us why you feel you’re single.

02. What is your dream person like?

03. Your definition of love.

04. A picture that shows your definition of love

05. Go to this site: http://www.afo.net/hftw-lovetest.asp and take the quiz about love languages. Post your results. Were you surprised by this?

06. Your first love, in great detail

07. Your first kiss

08. A letter to your first love

09. A letter to your most recent love

10. A letter to the person you hope will be your last love

11. Your dream first date

12. Top 10 Favorite Love songs

13. A song you’d want to hear at your wedding

14. Your first crush, in great detail

15. Your favorite quote about love

16. Your favorite movie about love

17. Do you want to get married one day? If so, describe your dream ready. If not, why not?

18. A note to the person in your family that you love the most

19. A note to the friend that you love the most.

20. Your definition of the different types of love.